Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Middlesex Lung RFA Course

On Thursday, July 5th 2007, a one day course on “lung RFA” was held at the new University College Hospital in London. The course is officially named after The Middlesex Hospital where much of the pioneering work in tumour ablation was performed in the years before The Middlesex moved to UCH in 2005.

The one day symposium included lectures on the principles behind RFA, the technical details, how to assess a patients’ suitability, how to perform the procedure, and how to assess the efficacy of treatment. A sample treatment was carried out by Prof Lees and transmitted by live video feed to the adjacent conference room so that participants could experience for themselves how a typical lung ablation is performed.

In addition there were lecture sessions covering the main tumour types that are treated with RFA. Speakers included world leaders from surgery, oncology, radiotherapy and chest medicine each contributing the relevant knowledge from their own discipline. Interventional oncology lectures were provided by Dr Gillams from UCH and Dr Warner Prevoo from the Netherlands.

The course attracted practitioners and potential practitioners from across the UK, Europe and as far a field as the USA.

Building on the success of this one day symposium, we intend to hold further courses on liver and lung RFA in 2008/9.